Terms & Conditions


Vehicles are rented subject to iMotors terms and conditions as contained in this agreement.

This agreement is between the person taking possession of the vehicle; hereinafter referred to as the ‘Renter’or ‘hirer’and iMotors Car Rental Rwanda; hereinafter referred to as “the owner”.

The iMotors will let and the ‘rental’ or ‘hirer’ will take on the rental car as detailed in the Car Rental Agreement. This and any other vehicle provided is hereinafter referred to as ‘the rental car’

Renter refers to any party to this agreement whether the driver or additional driver

iMotors Car rental representative is a person bearing a iMotors name badge.

If the vehicle is driven by anyone other than the Renter, the Renter shall remain liable for all his/her obligations in terms of this agreement as if he/she had been the driver.

The rental car is deemed to be returned only once the keys have been returned to a iMotors representative.

A iMotors Agent can also assist with explanation of charges on your booking.

Car Rental Requirements

iMotors Management reserves the rights to rent out the vehicles and will only rent out its vehicles with the bellow requirements;

  • Renter’s full names
  • Residence
  • Email address and telephone contact.
  • Valid and Original Driver’s License, passport or National ID Card

For International renters, International driving license may be required. Copies of the above-

Mentioned documents will be made and kept by iMotors.

Driving Requirements

In case one requires a Self drive in Rwanda, iMotors car rental requires the driver to be at least 18years old as the Rwandan government legislation suggests.

Delivery of Vehicle

Renter shall take delivery of the vehicle at the place specified in the Rental Agreement. Besides, we are also flexible to pick you up from your own preferred location and take you wherever you intend to go as laid out in the agreement.

iMotors cannot accept responsibility for late delivery or pick-up of a vehicle due to circumstances outside of our control.

The Renter acknowledges that the vehicle is delivered by iMotors free of any damage and in good order and repair (unless such damage is recorded in writing).

A rental day is 24 hours. One hour grace period is extended beyond this time after which, an additional day will be charged to the hirer.

Return of Vehicle

The vehicle shall be at the Renter’s sole risk from the date of delivery up and until the vehicle is returned to iMotors car rental.

Failure to return the vehicle in terms of this agreement shall constitute illegal possession of the vehicle by the Renter and further measures shall be taken and expenses incurred on the rental’s account. No such measures shall be considered in case the renter had communicated to iMotors.

On the return date, the Renter shall return the vehicle to iMotors Car rental at the place specified in the agreement or inform the company where else to meet to take the car.

Late Charges

Returning the car after the designated time/day might affect the rate quoted unless communicated in advance. Returning the car by the agreed-upon time/day also enabled ensure that all other customers will have their reserved car available upon their arrival.No refunds are given for vehicles returned early than expected.

Extension of Rental

If the Renter wishes to extend the rental beyond the original return date, authorization must be obtained from iMotors and additional days will be charged directly to the Renter. Such extensions must be requested by the hirer and authorized and paid directly to iMotors. The rate may vary from that originally paid. At peak periods and with specialty vehicle types, extensions may not be possible. If a rental spans two seasons, the rate applicable to the pick-up date is used during the extended period. Peak periods in Rwanda are such time when large international conferences are planned or throughout tourism busy months of July and August when some specialty vehicles are highly in demand. Nevertheless, we shall always thrive to offer the best possible rates.

Modify Booking

Modifying your booking may change the original quoted price. We request you to contact us for more detailed information.

Car Rental Payment

The rental payment is either by bank wire/transfer prior to arrival or cash upon arrival and prior to taking up the service. The bank wire payment is expected to be arranged in United States dollars (US $) while cash payment may either be in US dollars, any other locally accepted foreign currency or Rwandese francs (Rwf) at the prevailing market exchange rate.


Vehicles rented with drivers are charged with fuel inclusive, while self-drive rentals are rented with full fuel and returned full. On termination, all vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel, irrespective of whether the Renter has refueled the vehicle. Where a vehicle is returned with less than a full tank of fuel, the renter will be charged for full tank fuel.

Factors that negate waivers

Any wrong and/or illegal actions or the commission of a crime or failure to act which result in damage or loss of the vehicle.

Driving under the influence of alcohol, illegal substances or any substance that diminishes your capacity.

Unauthorized persons driving the vehicle.

Unauthorized cross border rentals.

Not adhering to traffic, road and driving regulations.

Failing to report the collision or damage, loss/theft, to iMotors and the nearest Police Station within 24 hrs of the incident.

Failing to produce the vehicle keys in case of theft unless exceptional circumstances apply.

Not reporting the exact details of the last known location of the vehicle prior to the theft.

Failure to obtain authorization from iMotors and effect payment for rental extensions.

Not using the vehicle for its intended purpose.

Damage or Loss

Renter is required to contact iMotors immediately in the event of loss, theft or damage and a full report must be made to the nearest Police Station within at least 24 hours where an accident has occurred and two hours in the case of loss. The Renter is kindly requested to not permit any unauthorized towing, repairs or servicing to be done on the vehicle.

Cross Border Travelling

Any cross border crossing must be applied, discussed and agreed on prior to car allocation and the renter is not expected to go beyond borders without consent with iMotors. All fees levied by the border authorities are on the responsibility of the Renter.

Once agreed, our vehicles are only allowed travel into East African Partner States; except Burundi and South Soudan; namely Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.

Off-Road Driving

Some vehicles may not be operated on non-paved roads, prompting you and any authorized driver to use it on a road, which is properly formed and constructed as a sealed, metal or gravel road. You will get to know such vehicles when contracting with iMotors.

Optional Accessories

The Renter is responsible for the installation of any accessories (which include but are not limited to GPS devices, e-Tags, and Baby Seats) rented and as such accepts liability for the loss or damage of such accessories.

iMotors shall not be liable for any damage or loss, whether direct or indirect, arising out the installation of such accessories.

Right To Disclosure and Information

The Renter is liable for the cost of towing, unauthorized towing, claim handling, assessment, storage, release, glass, tires, rims, water and undercarriage damage to the vehicle.

Should the Renter disobey the traffic regulations which results in a fine, such fine will be charged to the renter.

Exemption From Liability

iMotors, its agents or employees shall not be liable for any damage or loss, whether direct or indirect, arising out of any defect or mechanical failure, safety of the vehicle or the driving or use of the vehicle, consequential damages, loss of profits, or special damages arising out of any of the above. iMotors shall not be liable for any damage or loss for any personal belongings stolen or lost during or after the rental of the vehicle.

Airport Transfers

Accurate flight arrivals and departures are extremely useful and are supposed to be shared with us. We shall ensure to be at the airport one (1) hour before flight arrivals for pick-ups and two (2) hours before flight departures for drop-offs.

In events of early arrivals/departures or delayed flights arrivals/departures, kindly inform us as early as possible in order to avoid any inconvenience from our side. It is important to have and share a contact number or any other mean of communication where you are able to be reached while traveling to ensure delayed flights are communicated. As you walk out towards the airport arrival hall, look up your name on the pick-up post held by one of our drivers.