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iMotors Rental Services Tanzania's core services include premium car rentals from multi-day to multiple months, including long-term four-wheel drive leasing for multiple years.

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  • Vivian Jose
    Great company. We had many problems finding a decent car hire company in Tanzania. Nobody accepts credit cards apart from them and a few others. Everything went smoothly. No problems with the car, petrol or anything else. I can definitely recommend this company.
    Vivian Jose
  • Inga Vinoksy
    Very friendly, a nice local service. The whole process is simple and clear. After we return the car to the office on a rainy day, they are so nice to offer us a free drive to the bus station.
    Inga Vinoksy
  • Denis Epafra
    We had such a great experience! The support team was really helpful in answering my questions before our arrival. The whole process of picking up a car from iMotors Office was done in the blink of an eye. They did not require a Credit Card like many other companies do. The car was clean and in a really good condition. We’ll be happy to rent again.
    Denis Epafra
  • Habert Gabs
    Fantastic service. Cannot recommend them highly enough. No hidden charges, no deposits, no insurance extras. Just good honest car hire at very reasonable prices. Top class.
    Habert Gabs